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Cabinet stalemate continues

Its now more than three weeks since the Zimbabwe unity agreement was signed still there is no cabinet as the parties are failing to agree on the allocation of key ministries.

I think this is something that should have taken a day to do but it seems like Zanu PF wants to take all the key ministries and relegate the MDC to the role of a junior partner.

I think that will not work and this impasse alone seems to be a sign that this whole agreement is bound to fail.

I think in a government of national unity if somebody takes defence then the other party should take home affairs. Somebody cannot even say they want to take both because that's being very unreasonable.

If Zanu PF wants Home Affairs then they should give defence to the MDC and I think its as simple as that.

On the Finance ministry, Zanu PF has had this ministry for 28 years and look at what they have landed the country into and right now people can't even have access to their money which they should before it loses its value.

I also think that these cabinet positions should have been agreed before the agreement was signed because that would have made implementing the agreement quicker.

Right now as the leaders argue about positions the country's economic situation is getting worse and worse and lots of school children are not going to school as there are no teachers.

The University of Zimbabwe has been closed indefinitely and there are so many other things happening it would take a whole post to mention them.

Therefore its imperative that this cabinet stalemate is broken soon and if it needs Thabo Mbeki to intervene then I think the time to intervene is now.

I think the continued disagreement over the cabinet posts just shows me that this power sharing deal is doomed and bound to fail. I think what is needed now is a review as to whether the power sharing will work at all before going anywhere and if it cannot work then the alternative is to have fresh elections and the winner will rule.

Also if the cabinet issue is eventually resolved, this early wrangling means that this govt must not be allowed to run for more than two years because there are going to be other disagreements in the future which will set the country back and not forward. I think this is a very bad start.

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Yes Naison, its not a very good start and I am also beginning to wonder how the whole thing will work. There seems to be so much mistrust but these guys will have to work together but that seems unlikely at the moment but lets wait and see what unfolds in the coming few days.