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Archive for June 2013

Mugabe announces election date

Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe has announced the election date to be the 31st July, 2013.

The harmonised elections will bring an end to the Government of National Unity(GNU) which was set up after the 2008 disputed elections.

Mugabe argues that he had set elections for this date to respect the Consitutional Court judgement that said elections must be held by July 31.

What's interesting about that Consitutional Court judgement is that the consitution allows elections to be held up to four months after dissolution of Parliament which is up to 29 October, 2013.

By setting a deadline of 31st July, I think the court is actually rewriting the constitution to say that elections must be held one month after the dissolution of Parliament.

An earlier elections suits Mugabe very well because it means reforms that are meant to be done before the elections are not implemented as politicians go into campaign mode.

Also this early date means registration of voters does not go all the way to July 9. This is very important for Mugabe's party because the less registered voters the better for Zanu PF.

Also it must be remembered that Mugabe is 89 and is seeking another five year term and at that age he will not be able to run a rigorous campaign like he has done in the past.

Its hard to imagine Zanu PF winning an election where everybody eligible to vote is allowed to vote. People remember Zanu PF for the economic mess it created in 2007/08 where people literally lost everything in a hyper-inflation but in that environment the Zanu PF politicians got richer and richer.

I think at this stage its better for the GNU to go for even another month if that means that the elections are free and fair and there is a level playing field for all parties.

I hope that this date will be moved forward for the good of the people of Zimbabwe.

Kewell joins Melbourne Heart

Melbourne Heart has announced that former Melbourne Victory player Harry Kewell has signed for the team for the 2013/14 A-League season.

Kewell last played a full season for Victory and then left for the United Kingdom for personal reasons.

I think this is a good deal for the Heart and I hope they will be able to capitalise and increase membership even if it is for the next season only.

If the Socceroos qualify for the Brazil 2014 World Cup then it will become even more interesting as I think Kewell's main aim is to play well enough to be in the 2014 World Cup squad.

I am looking forward to the first match of the season when Victory play Heart in the Melbourne derby. Its going to be interesting to see Kewell playing for the Heart when two seasons ago he would have have been wearing blue.

Melbourne Heart is saying that Kewell has not been signed as a marquee player and so it means they could be other big name players coming to the Heart for next season.

Ten gets Big Bash

Network Ten has entered the cricket arena winning the rights to the Big Bash league.

According to Cricket Australia Channel Nine will continue to broadcast Test and one day internationals and the deal is worth $590 million.

So basically Network Ten will show the domestic Twenty20 competition whilst Nine will show the local Internationals.

The Big Bash has previously been shown on Fox Sports and its good to see that its now available on free to air.

I think the timing of the sell of the rights was good for Cricket Australia with the back to back Ashes series coming next summer.

I hope we will be able to see some good cricket over the summer.