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Alonso goes back to Renault

Former F1 world champion Fernando Alonso has now re-joined Renault for the 2008 season after an incident filled one year stint at McLaren.

When Renault were found guilty by the FIA but not fined last week, I think it was a matter of time before Alonso re-joined his old team where he won two world championships before leaving for McLaren at the end of the 2006 season.

Its sad though that Heikki Kovalainen will leave Renault as a result of Alonso's return. I think Kovalainen had a very good first season where he accumulated a total of 30 points ahead of his more experienced team-mate Giancarlo Fisichella who could only get 21 points in a poor year for Renault.

Alonso will be partnered by Nelson Piquet Jr the son of triple world champion Nelson Piquet and who was a test driver at Renault in the 2007 season. I think Alonso will be hoping that Piquet does not turn out to be another Lewis Hamilton and challenge him for number 1 status.

Interestingly Kovalainen could now go and fill the seat left vacant by Alonso at McLaren. Fisichella might end up with Force India a team he has tested with in the last few weeks.

..Alonso looks like a shark, with a dominating ego. The only god thing is that we have three top drivers, Alonso, Raikkonen, and Hamilton, with three different teams.
Hamilton will continue to be quick, but sometimes its the strategies where they fall short to Ferrari like towards the end of the championship last season where they should have managed and consolidated the leadership position rather than take risks like that.

Ferrari will be in the thick of things, and its time Toyota get a return on their massive budget. Interesting that Michael would advise Ralf to consider retirement when he himself was literally dragged away from the car seat. Perhaps Michael would argue that he was on top of his game unlike his struggling brother.

If Alonso can bring back the competitiveness to Renault then will be great for racing because that will result in at least a three way battle.

I also think that Ralf should retire and even if he doesn't its very hard to see where he can get a drive for next season. He only managed 5 points this season and for a driver of his experience I expected him to do better than that with that Toyota car.

If getting Alonso meant losing Heikki then I don't think Renault made a good decision in that regard. Heikki is one of the most promising driver in F1 alongside Hamilton and I think losing him could cost Renault a good position in the constructors title. If Alonso is as good as he think he is then he must be able to handle strong competition from team-mates and I think Heikki would have been a good team mate. I hope Heikki will prove that wherever he is going to end.

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Maybe Colin Renault thinks Piquet is going to deliver for them but yes I was also looking forward to Kovalainen's second season at Renault but now that will be with another team. If he goes to McLaren he could end up being better off with a better and faster car you never know.