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Federer clinches thriller

Roger Federer won his eleventh grand slam title at Wimbledon and his fifth in a row but he had to dig deep for the first time in many years as he overcame a determined Rafael Nadal.

Not so long ago Nadal was considered a clay-court specialist but after his showing on Monday morning, Nadal is becoming a more complete player with each passing year.

Nadal forced Federer to play the fifth set at Wimbledon for the first time in six years. That shows how much Nadal has narrowed the gap between him and Federer. On the other hand Federer failed to push Nadal to the fifth set at the French Open and so maybe the tide is in Nadal's favour.

However, the fact that Federer rarely plays the fifth deciding set at grand slams when he wins also shows that Federer is very good and is a class act but he should be aware that now there is a challenger looming.

With this win Federer equaled Bjorn Borg's record of five consecutive Wimbledon titles and there is a good chance he can create a record next year by winning the sixth consecutive crown at the All England Club and only one player can stop him and that is Nadal. That should be interesting.

Turning to women's final, it was good to see a better and competitive women's grand slam final this time and Marion Bartoli played quite well in the first set before fizzling out in the second as she lost to Venus Williams. I think Bartoli did quite well for a player who had never been to the semi-finals of a grand slam.

At the start of the championship I never thought Williams would go that far but she managed to improve her form on her way to the final after a shaky start.

The last grand slam event of the year will be the US Open and that should be very interesting for both men and women's tennis.

It was an epic finale with the world's top two fighting it out in a thrilling contest. It was great to see Federer claim his fifth consecutive Wimbledon title to match Bjorn Borg's record.

Yes Trevor, if I had any reason to want Federer to win the final, then it would have been in order for him to equal Borg's record because such a chance does not come often.

Federer will be dominating men's tennis for a while...its good to see Nadal maturing so fast and the young Serbian ...the other guys are just pretenders....

Safin is talented but I doubt his commitment to a full time schedule, Roddick and Hewitt lack variety in their we will have to wait for the promising youngsters to mature, and by that time Roger will have broken all will be him in all finals....i just have to sit back and wait for the French Open

Good to see the competition in women's that the prize money is the same, perhaps the rules will be the same as best of five

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Mbareboy, it would have been good had there been four top men players compared to the current two Nadal and Federer. The women side looks alright as there is a bit of competition there.

But the US Open should be fascinating because Nadal has never gone beyond the quarter-finals of that tournament and therefore if he has really closed the gap between himself and Federer then he should challenge him at a tournament where the surface is a bit faster.