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Rival F1 championship looms

It seems like there will be a rival F1 championship next year after eight teams refused to enter next year's F1 championship under the proposed new rules.

I have been following the F1 dispute about the £40m budget cap and all along I thought an agreement would be reached but it seems now that there has been no agreement and the majority of the teams will form their own series instead.

The only current teams who signed unconditionally to next year's championship are Williams and Force India.

I have no doubt that the new rival series will be more popular because it will have the popular teams like Ferrari, McLaren and Renault and also the more known drivers.

This could also be good for the Silverstone circuit because F1 is going to leave the circuit and go for Donnington instead but the rival series may use the Silverstone.

Also I hope the Australian leg of the new series will run at around 2 o'clock local time and not have the twilight race like happened this year.

The late start this year was meant to satisfy audiences in Europe and ignoring the local fans and the rival series has said that they will listen to the fans.

I will be following the events as they unfold but I will be happy to see a series with stable rules and run under one rule for all teams.

For the last few years there has been so many rule changes and there was even a proposal to give medals instead of points and these are the kind of things the rival series should avoid.

I think a lot more will be announced over the next few days and I am keen to see what kind of calendar the new series will have.

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