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Victory's Telstra Dome decision right

I think Melbourne Victory has made the right decision to play six of the last remaining eight A-League home matches at the Telstra Dome. There was no point having sell-out matches at the 18,000 capacity Olympic Park stadium week in week out whilst denying a lot of fans a chance to watch A-League football live.
I was there at the Telstra Dome for the match against Sydney FC and compared to Olympic Park it was a more comfortable venue that catered well especially for families with young children with its world class facilities. Olympic Park on the other hand is good for the fact that fans are quite closer to the action but the facilities cannot be compared to the Dome whichever way you look at it.
What's left now is for the Victory to feel comfortable at the Dome where the turf has been criticized for being a bit hard by other football codes. I also hope that people of Melbourne will turn out in large numbers for those six matches to justify the move.

Thomas A
Good move, next time I will have my tickets posted instead of picking them up from the venue.

Hamish Alcorn
It is brilliant that Victory have moved to the Telstra Dome. Good news for Melbourne and for football in general. Before now Brisbane Roar has boasted the biggest stadium in the competition. One day nothing but the biggest and best stadium will be good enough for A-League football games in every city. My own prediction however is that Roar will beat Melbourne in the new home's debut football game next weekend. Either way it will be an excellent game of football. Wish I could fly down to see it, but it will be Fox Sport at the local for me. Cheers. Hamish.

Of concern to me is the new proposed stadium for Victory to be built next to Olympic Park stadium. Its supposed to be a 20,000 seater which is far below the average attendance for Victory matches so far this season.

For that stadium to be useful to Victory, it should be at least a 30,000 seater or else Victory will have to continue to use the Dome which offers bigger capacity.

I can only think that the reason why the new stadium was designed for 20,000 then increasing to 25,000 was because last season Victory only averaged about 11,000 and also a similar figure for the Storm who are going to share the stadium. So then 20,000 was a reasonable number.

I agree it doesn't look reasonable now because the average Victory crowd is now nearer 30,000 than 20,000 this season but I don't know whether the capacity can be increased now. I will write to Victory and hear what they have to say. Quite interesting.

Wes, what I am hoping for is to have a sell-out match at the Dome before the end of the season. Perhaps I am being too ambitious but the potential matches for that are the one against Newcastle and then there is the one against Sydney FC.


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