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Champions Trophy so far

Now that the first round of matches for the Champions Trophy is finished, I think its time for me to look back and review what has happened so far.

The most surprising result for me was the defending champions Windies victory over Australia. I thought Australia had done well to restrict the Windies to 234 runs in their innings but that run total was enough for the Windies to win the match.

Now Australia has to be beat England in their next match to try and reach the semis. I wasn't very much surprised by England's 125 runs against India. Its very hard playing against the hosts but scoring 125 doesn't help as well and so the England/Australia match has suddenly become very massive.

When New Zealand went all out for 195 runs against South Africa I thought South Africa had the game in the bag but South Africa's response wasn't up to scratch scoring a lowly 108 runs in reply. Unless something drastic happens its very hard to see South Africa reaching the semis especially when they still have to play the consistent Sri Lanka and the impressive Pakistan.

Its interesting to note that so far only the West Indies/Australia match has been played over the whole one hundred overs with all the other matches falling short of that number. I am hoping that in the next round of matches we will see some more entertaining cricket.

The Windies vs. Australia result was indeed interesting.

As usual the Aussies came in confident and it was good to see the Windies put up a fight. They seemed to have lost alot of their 'backbone' in recent years. Bring back the Windies of the 1980's

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