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A difficult week for Zimbabwe

Its been a difficult last few days for most people in Zimbabwe and those who follow events in Zimbabwe with the news of the passing away of Mrs Susan Tsvangirai, Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai's wife, in a road accident along the Masvingo Road.

Over the past few days a lot has been said about the accident with some thinking that it wasn't just another accident even though Tsvangirai himself has since said it was just an accident.

The problem is that Zimbabwe's history is littered with many unexplained accidents and its only now that a lot of people have been recalling many of them.

My prayers and thoughts are with the Tsvangirai family as they go through this difficult time.

I wont dwell on that a lot myself but I hope Tsvangirai will be able to gather himself and continue in his bid to rebuild Zimbabwe.

It was a difficult task already and now without his wife I think its going to be even more difficult but like most people I hope and pray that he will soldier on and that Zanu PF will not give him unnecessary headache by co-operating as much as possible.

The fact that some political detainees have been released is good but I don't see the reason why it took so long to do that and why also not all of them were released at once.

As I have said before if Zanu PF does want to retain some support come the next elections then they have to be seen to be co-operative especially when they are moves being taken to make the lives of people better.

Any move contrary may easily confine them to the history books at the next poll especially if it is free and fair.

I am not concerned about whether this was an accident or not, what I would like to see is all suspicious accidents starting from around 1980 investigated. It will be a truth commission kind of probe to see exactly what has been happening all along because I think people need to know the truth and its about time. If it is found out there were all accidents then fine but if they were not then justice should take its course.

Good idea Victor about the probe but I don't think the current unity government will even look into that.

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