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Zimbabwe SADC Summit flops

The Sadc summit called to resolve the cabinet impasse has flopped after the summit recommended that Zanu PF and MDC share the Home Affairs ministry and MDC rejected that suggestion.

I am quite surprised that Sadc would come to such a bizarre suggestion and it seems it wanted to please Robert Mugabe.

If Sadc suggested that the Home Affairs be shared then should have gone ahead and suggested that Defence also be co-shared but then again where will be the sharing end.

It was an easy decision I think for the MDC to reject such a call but sadly it means we are nowhere nearer solving the crisis that affects so many millions of Zimbabweans.

Sadc helped create this situation by endorsing violent elections way back in 2002 and if they had acted then they wouldn't be all these problems I think.

Now they want to protect their mate by coming with a decision that favours Zanu PF and Robert Mugabe.

The question is where to now? I am also wondering whether this problem will ever be solved by talks and I am beginning to think its time that the people who matter make the decision.

The people who matter in this whole thing are Zimbabweans and I think its time to start organising fresh elections and let the people choose their own leader.

The Sadc agreement is too fragile to be the way forward for Zimbabwe and if there were elections supervised by the international community the people of Zimbabwe can freely choose their new leader who will cater for them and their needs.

Sadc is not interested and that explains why they were only five heads of state at the summit.

I am not surprised, this was always going to fail. SADC just doesn't have the guts to tell Mugabe that this is not right. They take him to be their senior and so whatever he says goes. All that talk before the summit comes to nothing when they meet him. The suggestion that the ministry be shared is ridiculous but thats SADC for you.

Thanks Oscar for the comment. What I also don't understand is why there is total silence on the rest of the ministries. It looks like Sadc is going with Mugabe's list which was formulated without any formulation. Hard to tell where this whole thing goes from here.

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Sadc had no choice but to take a decision that was in favour of Mugabe. Those Sadc leaders wanted to avoid the embarrassment of ruling against Mugabe and then for him to ignore that ruling altogether and so I think they considered it was less embarrassing for their decision to be rejected by the MDC instead. Sadc doesn't take this issue seriously unfortunately because Sadc is all about protecting the leaders and the people to them are a peripheral issue and therefore Sadc decisions do not surprise me anymore. Now they have left Zimbabwe in a worse state because they have just given Mugabe extra wings and he can go on a rampage and claim he has the blessing of Sadc.

You could be right Salif because I have read somewhere where Mugabe is being is being reported to have said that he doesn't need to listen to anybody especially the Sadc leaders who he said were all juniors to him.

As you say the problems where to from here. This is a time when strong leadership is needed especially given the hunger situation in Zimbabwe and the leaders at the moment seem to be more concerned about power whilst bodies like Sadc have now lost interest altogether.