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Mbeki brokers Zimbabwe deal

South African President Thabo Mbeki has finally managed to broker a deal for Robert Mugabe and Morgan Tsvangirai to share power in a new government.

According to Mbeki the deal will be signed on Monday morning in Harare in a formal ceremony to be attended by other leaders from the SADC region.

Early this week I posted an article on the fact that Mbeki was on a rescue mission and indeed he has been successful and I think from now on it is up to the Zimbabwean leaders to make sure they work hard to serve the people who have been suffering for a long time from a self-serving government of Mugabe.

Although the full details of the deal have not been released yet and this will be done on Monday, its actually good that Mbeki has managed to a get a deal agreed because that's a positive for Zimbabwe in the current environment.

If things were normal there is no doubt that Tsvangirai would be the president today but things are what they are now unfortunately and I hope that from this deal will come out a people driven constitution that will lead to fresh elections and we will finally see the back of Zanu PF.

I don't think we will suddenly see a sudden resolution of the many Zimbabwe problems but at least there will somebody looking after the problems and trying to solve them compared to now where nobody has really cared about anything but just to be in power for the sake of it.

This deal will also mean that MDC are not on the sidelines when the next elections take place and therefore we can look forward to free and fair elections where everybody will be allowed to campaign freely.

I am keen to see the actual details of the deal but the fact that Tsvangirai has agreed to it means that its not as bad as the first proposal which had tried to make the MDC backseat passengers in a new proposed government.

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Jul 08 Memorandum of Understanding

This easily ranks as the best news from Zimbabwe in a very long time. However we have to be very cautious. It's too early to celebrate. Getting these adversaries to work together is easier said than done. Besides people were forced into a corner before they could sign. Let us just hold our breath and see!!

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You are right, Admire in that this is very good news for Zimbabwe at the moment. However, it still remains to be see how they will work together as a team but I hope the leaders will commit themselves to see the country moving forward at last.