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Tsonga to meet Djokovic in final

Jo Wifred Tsonga will meet oval Djokovic in the final of the Australia Open on Sunday after Djokovic stunned defending champion Roger Federer winning in straight sets.

The first set was tight and for some time it looked like Federer was going to win in the same manner he did against James Blake in the quarter-finals but this time his luck ran out as he made some uncharacteristic errors and he lost that set.

In the second Djokovic totally dominated and its no surprise he won that set 6-3 and at that time I sensed that we were going to see another upset like the previous night.

Federer tried to come back in the third set but once again Djokovic stood his ground and the set went to a tie-break which Federer looked like winning but I think he just lacked his finesse of last year.

Therefore we now have a final between Tsonga and Djokovic and who would have guessed this two weeks ago.

I am now beginning to think that unseeded Tsonga could actually win now especially playing a player who will only be playing in his second grand slam final.

For Djokovic he can see this as the best chance to win a grand slam and I hope we will have a great final.

I think this is the end of Federer's reign as we know it. Don't get me wrong he is stil l a very good player but the fact is that he can now be beaten and can get control of the match taken away like what Djokovic did.

I still think he will still go on and win Wimbledon this year but I doubt if he will be able to win the French open or the US Open.

The other players have now wisened up to his play and are therefore able to play against him and put him under tremendous pressure and if he buckles then you beat him. If he doesn't then you lose - its not as simple as that but you get my point.

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You could be right Denis, I think that by the time Wimbledon comes he could be in top form but its going to be interesting to see also if the other players will also keep their form.