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Chelsea in cup double

Chelsea beat Manchester United in the FA Cup played at the new Wembley to clinch a cup double thanks to a Didier Drogba goal scored in extra time.

The much hyped first FA Cup final at the new Wembley never lived to expectations and especially the first twenty minutes which looked more like training session than a cup final. Drogba's goal was class but by then I was actually bored but it meant that we were saved a third consecutive FA Cup decided on penalties.

Just a few weeks ago there was talk about a quadruple for Chelsea and a treble for United but it has all come down to a cup double for Chelsea and a single for United if you can call it that. Actually I think its good these two teams did not make it to meet in this year's Champions League final because it would have meant enduring another cagey two hours.

After a scoreless draw in the league ten days before the final, some people thought that the final would be much better but unfortunately it turned out to be exactly the same cagey style, with both teams trying as much as possible to avoid a loss.

The next match between the two sides will be the Community Shield in August and again at Wembley and lets hope that its going to be a bit more interesting than this FA Cup final.

...I agree that the match was affected by the caution first attitude. I think Man U were the more guilty party, its understandable given that you don't score too many goals against Chelsea...its agonising for fans.

Chelsea are a winning machine whether they play badly or not...Jose has created a machine of hardworking fighting lads...I feel that to blame van der Sar for the goal as Man U are doing is very unfair.

They had 116 minutes to win the match, and the defenders are to blame as well...Vidic was caught ball watching, and Ferdinand was slow to react and cover (as usual), but that doesn't take away the point that the goal was well worked out.

I think that its becoming the norm now that you just play to win and it doesn't matter whether you play attractive football or not. But I don't think Chelsea fans wouldn't care because they got the result they wanted and the tactics worked alright.
I was just that another penalty shoot-out was avoided.

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