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Nadal triumphs in surface battle

Rafael Nadal beat Roger Federer in the battle of the surfaces in a match played in Palma, Spain on a court with clay and grass on either side of the net.

It was a very interesting exhibition match but given the seriousness of the play it was taken quite seriously by the players with a tie-break being a fitting end to the three set match.

I think its very hard to draw some conclusions on this but one thing for sure is that Federer has now improved so much on clay and could beat Nadal at the French Open and also Nadal by reaching the Wimbledon final last year showed us that though he may be called a clay court specialist, he is equally good on grass but not as good as Federer.

Nadal and Federer will both play in the clay tournament in Milan and it should be an interesting final should both players reach it. Nadal is now on a 72-match unbeaten streak on clay and must be eager to extend that streak on clay in Milan.

This was a bizarre match and I don't know what purpose it served apart from lining up the pockets of those who organised it. Or is a promotion of both the French Open and Wimbledon? Whatever the case may be I just didn't get it.

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Actually Nigel, this match was organized in order to promote tourism in the Spanish island of Mallorca. Also Nadal hails from that island and it was good he was also helping promote tourism in his home area.