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Sixteen yellow cards, four red

I have never seen a match like this one before where cards flew like confetti. This was the Portugal/Netherlands match or contest if you like. Portugal should try to avoid any more yellow cards against England as they most probably would be second yellows otherwise they will have very few players to select from should they win and proceed to the semi-finals.
Talking about the match itself it was good to see the Netherlands fight back trying to score and contrast this to the earlier match where you couldn't tell that Ecuador were a goal down and were trying to even the score against a disappointing England. I should say I was happy to see Portugal go through because they play some entertaining football and have a very good coach in Scolari.
Ruud van Nistelrooy must be wondering what is happening in his world now that he found himself on the bench for the whole match and even when his team needed a goal Marco van Basten chose to send in Jan Vennegoor of Hesselin instead. He found himself in a similar situation for his club Manchester United towards the end of last season and its unfortunate he finds himself in the same situation at international level as well.
I think the England/Ecuador match is the most boring and uneventful of all the second round matches played so far. I was regretting having to stay up late to watch this match where Ecuador looked pleased with just getting to the second round of the World Cup and had only one shot on target for the whole match. England against Portugal should therefore hopefully be an interesting tie and its a match where England's resolve will definitely be tested. I am picking Portugal to win by a handful.

They should disqualify Portugal for this disgraceful game and let the Aussies play instead. Foul play (Figo) vs. fair play (Schwarzer). Australia played well and didn't deserve to get kicked out of this tournament. Hopefully we'll see you again in 4 years!

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Hey Wes, I thought by now you'd have the next posting out already after that OZ Italy game. I'm glad I got up to watch it (2nd half only) - and extremely annoyed about the outcome. That was as bad as Craig Motrum falling during his men's final race. Most unfortunate outcome and another example of how World Cup 06's main talking point will be "referee tactics"... I'm sure we're only months away now from a 3rd umpire system - given the camera work now available on games (I mean as good as Crickets' "snick-o-meter") we almost don't even need a ref on the field.