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Australia too good for Scotland

After all the talk about facilities not being ready on time, the 2007 Cricket World Cup begun in earnest yesterday with the group D match between the West Indies and Pakistan.

I thought Pakistan was going to overhaul the Windies target of 242 but they fell short due largely to the Windies excellent bowling.

This morning as expected Australia beat Scotland in the first Group A match by 203 runs. This is the problem of some of the group matches because it was very unlikely that Scotland would pose any problems for Australia. However, the same cannot be said for the other match between Canada and Kenya which is the one I watched instead.

Kenya played well to beat Canada by seven wickets . I have always wondered how long it will take Kenya to get to the big stage of cricket because at the last World Cup they played reasonably well and I also remember the 1996 famous victory over the West Indies.

Maybe Kenya needs to play the bigger teams more often to gain experience and possibly later on gain Test status.

Looking ahead tomorrow morning Sri Lanka will take on Bermuda and Zimbabwe will play Ireland. The Sri Lanka/Bermuda match looks like a no contest to me but the Zimbabwe/Ireland match could be very interesting.

Although Zimbabwe cricket hasn't had the best of times lately they should able to beat Ireland and should they fail then Zimbabwe is more likely to leave the tournament winless.

Good result against Scotland but even better news is that Andrew Symonds could be fit to play against the Netherlands. I hope he is not risked against the Netherlands even if he is fit to play. He should play against South Africa because that's the tougher match.

Yes Harry, I also think that there is no need to risk Symonds against the Netherlands. The good thing about the schedule from an Australian perspective is that the key match against South Africa is on the 24th and this gives Symonds time to fully recover.

It would have been different story had the South Africa match been the first one.

On a side note it was interesting to see the Zimbabwe/Ireland draw. Zimbabwe's inexperience was matched by Ireland's never-die attitude and in the end maybe a draw was a fair result.

Unfortunately for both teams the remaining two matches are not going to be that easy.

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