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Schumacher bows out fighting

Michael Schumacher finished fourth in this morning's Brazilian Grand Prix after a typical fight to the end kind of drive that will sorely be missed as this was his last F1 race.

For Schumacher I think the championship was lost when his engine failed him in the Japanese Grand Prix but still he fought hard in the Brazilian Grand Prix to earn fourth place. The requirement that Alonso had to fail to score and then Schumacher win the race to win the championship was always going to be hard to achieve and in the end it never happened.

In a race like this where most of the focus is on Alonso and Schumacher it’s easy to forget drivers like Jenson Button who started fourteenth on the grid but finished on the podium. To get an idea his teammate Rubens Barrichello had started fifth on the grid but could only muster seventh.

I still wonder though whether Schumacher would have won the race had he not had a puncture. I think he would have got on the podium at least but winning maybe not, who knows.

Renault had double victory getting the constructors title after netting five more points than Ferrari. I never doubted that Renault would get given that both their drivers have been consistent scoring points throughout the season.

Mark Webber finished the season the way he started it. He didn’t finish the race but this time it was nothing to do with the car itself but a collision with teammate Nico Rosberg. Next race, our own Melbourne Grand Prix!

I was not sad to see Schumacher retire. Alonso has been a breath of fresh air to the F1 circus and I hope more factory teams give young blood a chance to prove themselves.

Whilst Schumacher might be the 'best ever' statistically, but he is no Prost / Senna or Jacques Villeneuve. These guys we truely great drivers and racers, who showed emotion and passion on and off the track, unlike the robotic Schumacher.

Sometimes Dave, its very hard to compare drivers from different eras but Schumacher certainly has been good for F1 over the last few seasons.

I am wondering whether Alonso will continue his good run after his move to McLaren and also wonder whether Mika will awake from his slumper after a less than impressive 2006 season. The 2007 competition will most probably be between those two now that Montoya has gone but Jenson Button has had a good year and I think he could be in the mix.

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