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Time to Salute Victory

I feel now its time to acknowledge how well Melbourne Victory has played over the last seven matches in the A-League. Victory has completed a third of the season without a defeat and thatís something that we couldnít dream of last season.

I think there are a number of factors that have led to this success.Victory did well in bringing in the Brazilian trio of Fred , Alessandro and Claudinho and of these three I think Fred has already made a big impact. He is a player with such good vision he can get some good through passes and also his off the ball is quite good making it hard for the opposing team to trek him. When the team had needed to dig in deep he has also played his part in not neglecting his defensive duties.

Alessandro is the most exciting of them all and he has given Victory a few penalties. I think he doesnít the release the ball early enough but I hope he will back in the starting line-up soon. I also think that Daniel Allsoppís form is partly due to the arrival of Claudhino because now there is real competition for places and any slip ups one can easily end on the bench.

Grant Brebner and Adrian Caceres have also been good additions to the team and Caceres came on for Alessandro against Perth and added some steel to the midfield and capped it all with scoring the first goal.

The fixture list has also helped the season. The fixture list has now matured and compare to last season when Victory would play four successive home matches in October and then followed by something like four successive away matches in November. This time its at least a maximum of two away or home matches and that doesnít put too much pressure on the players like last year when the team wasnít playing well and had four successive away matches to play.

The other positive factor has been the Victory fans. I remember last season when more that 11,000 fans went to watch Victory play New Zealand Knights. This was a match between the bottom two teams and yet the fans went all the same to support their team and that was very good.

This has continued this season and Victory made a good decision in moving six home fixtures to the Telstra Dome. Now I can decide on the day to go and watch the match and still get a good seat whereas at Olympic Park just a few minutes late and the match is sold out. Also the 10,000 plus memberships has been a good boost.

Captain Kevin Muscat scoring every penalty he has taken has been good. Its good to have such a player in the team especially when a penalty could possibly win you the match.

Looking ahead to the round 8 fixture, Adelaide should give Victory a run of their money at the Dome especially now that Shengqing Qu is back.

Queensland have the third away match in a row today. That doesn't look to me like a 'mature' fixture list.

Thanks Doug, yes Queenland Roar have just played three away matches in a row and I think they have done very well especially with their win at Perth.

I guess the reason for that is that in round 7 they couldn't play at home because there was the international friendly at Suncorp Stadium that weekend and in round 8 they had to play in Perth because it was the Glory's tenth anniversary.


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