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2010 World Cup preview

The 2010 FIFA World Cup is now less than a week from kick-off and in this post I will have a quick preview of the tournament.

The hosts South Africa are in group A with France, Mexico and Uruguay. I think South Africa as hosts will have that bit extra going for them with local support but there is also France who reached the final last time around in Germany and I think are the strongest in this group.

I think that France will get out of this group and joining them will be either the hosts or Uruguay.

In group B I expect Argentina to comfortably come through but as for who will join them it looks very tight.

I think Nigeria would have more of a chance had they played more matches under Lars Lagerback and as it is at the moment to me they look like an unknown quantity.

Greece missed the last World Cup when most people expected them to be there as European champions and South Korea have a good compact team that sometimes plays like a club team.

Group C is all about England but I expect the United States to give them a run of their money. At the last Confederation Cup the United States were very good and even reached the final which they lost to Brazil and therefore I am expecting them to get out of that group with England.

I don't think Slovenia and Algeria will cause a lot of problems.

In group there is the Socceroos, Germany, Ghana and Serbia. I think Germany are the strongest team in this group and should win even without Michael Ballack.

Ghana and Australia reached the second round in Germany but I think one of them if not both are going to go home after just playing three matches because Serbia has a strong team.

The Netherlands stand out in Group E and to me I think they should go as far as possible and the semis and even the final is a possibility.

Cameroon is in this group and I think its the African team in the easiest group and should they not qualify from here then that would be a disaster.

I think second place will be a shootout between Denmark and Cameroon with Japan finishing last.

The defending champions Italy are in Group which I think is the weakest of all the groups. Italy should win that group with Paraguay or Slovenia coming second.

I am not sure about New Zealand but I think they will not be able to cause an upset here.

Group G is one of the toughest but Brazil should come through all the same and I think as group winners.

I think its a lottery for second place and I think all the three other teams have a good chance. I don't know much North Korea and I think that is their strength that they are very much unknown by most people and therefore can spring a surprise or two.

Finally in Group H there is Spain who I expect to reach at least the semis but I don't think its that straight forward as to who would join them in the second round.

I would go with Chile but I think Switzerland and Honduras are quite capable and so I think it could be tight in this group.

Now I am now going to say who I think will the final but I expect four countries to do very well and these are Brazil, Argentina, Spain and the Netherlands.

I am looking forward to this World Cup and I will also be predicting the scores on TipsChallenge.

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