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Hero debates starts again

It has become a pattern that when somebody dies and is accorded hero status in Zimbabwe, some people question the process used to accord that hero status and rightly so.

This week the Vice President Joseph Msika died and I think there is no doubt that he deserves to be declared a hero after serving the country for so many years.

However, its not always that somebody has universal acceptance as a hero and sometimes its about who actually doesn't get that recognition.

The Zanu PF politburo is charged with according people hero status and I think in this day and era that shouldn't be the case.

Maybe it was well and truly good when Zanu PF was the ruling party and the fact of the matter is that they are no longer and are in fact are now a minority party.

The idea of designating people as heroes by the politburo possibly made sense during the days when Zimbabwe was virtually a one-party state but things have changed now.

What happens if there is a new government led by another party other than Zanu PF. Does it mean that that party's supreme body the equivalent of the politburo will make that call?

That surely can't be right and I think that now is the time to set up an independent body which will decide who is a hero and who is not and at level.

Another thing to look at is the idea of giving people awards or medals before they die and not to wait until they die.

Also the hero net needs to be expanded to look beyond politicians but to also include academics, sports people, artists and so on to encompass the whole population and not just a clique.

Also an independent body would have fairly assessed people like Patrick Kombayi whom some felt deserved to be declared heroes tut obviously the Zanu PF politburo did not see it that way and there could be other cases of similar examples.

The sooner that task is taken away from the Politburo the better because Zanu PF is no longer the ruling party and things have changed and its time to move forward.

The problem is that Zanu pf took everything to do with heroes to be their party issue and not a national issue and hence nearly all heroes have some connection to the party. So they would sit and give hero status to whoever they thought was worth it and I think nobody outside that small circle knows exactly what criteria was or is being used. This has to change because this is a national issue and it should be handled likewise. Party affiliation should be irrelevant on who is a hero and who is not and the criteria for selection should be known by everybody.

Thanks Dominic, I am hoping that we will see some movement in regard to this whole hero issue and not have a debate come along when somebody has been declared a hero. With Zanu PF no longer the ruling party it just doesn't sound right to see them deciding hero status at the moment.

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