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Tussle to the end in F1

Its going to be an interesting finale in F1 with only three races to go in China, Japan and Brazil and with the points gap between Alonso and Schumacher now just two. The one week turn-around between China and Japan should make it even more intriguing because there is not going to be much room for adjustment and testing for the teams between the two races.

I always thought that it was going to take an Alonso breakdown or something like that for Schumacher to close the gap and that happened on Sunday in the Italian Grand Prix. The points system in place now makes it hard to close the gap especially if the other driver finishes just one or two places behind because that would constitute just two or four points difference.

To make it more even more interesting there is also the battle for the constructors title between Ferrari and Renault. It will depend on Felipe Massa and Giancarlo Fisichella also finishing well in the last three races because for constructors you need both drivers to be performing well. I think this will go to Renault.

I was a bit saddened to see Schumacher retire from F1 because he has been a very good driver but from a Ferrari point of view Kimi Raikkonen should be a good replacement.

Finally, with the season Mark Webber has had it was good to see him finish a race even though he wasn't in the points.

Yes , the championship is going to the wire but cant help feeling that it was doctored somehow with the dubious penalties handed out so far.

Its unfortunate about the penalties but it looks like nearly all the title contenders have had them at one stage or another. Remember Schumacher was penalised in Monaco for what Ferrari fans would think was an innocent accident.
Lets see what happens in China.

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