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SBS wins Champion League rights

SBS has secured the UEFA Champion League rights for the next three seasons and will show the matches together with Espn.

The most significant aspect of the deal is that SBS and Espn will no longer show the same matches before the semis as they have done on so many occasions this season and the years before.

In the quarter-finals for example, both stations showed the same matches on two consecutive days for both the first and second legs.

For the first leg matches, they both decided to show Manchester United/Porto and Liverpool/Chelsea and then showed the reverse fixtures the following week.

Its good to see that the same thing will not happen next season.

What I would have liked to see though is the ability for viewers to choose whatever match they would like to watch especially in the group stages.

Also SBS will show the Europa Cup matches and also the Super Cup which is good. This year they covered the UEFA Cup matches towards the end but next season they will also beam the group stage matches which is good.

Giving the rights to both free to air and pay tv is a good move on the part of UEFA. It means fans without pay tv are not blocked out altogether from watching the matches.

The FFA should do the same for the A-League when the rights are next up for grabs. I think they should give one or two matches to free to air tv and the rest to pay tv if they want. Also highlights must be available on free to air. This idea of exclusivity does not help the fans.

I think you have a good point there Ken. I also think that the idea of giving exclusive rights to one channel does not help the fans who want to watch the football unless if its on free to air TV. Its also good to see that UEFA is making both competitions available on both free to air and subscription television. Also the AFC could consider giving some of the AFC Champions League matches to a free to air channel.

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