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STERP in the right direction

The Zimbabwean ministers' three-day retreat ended on Sunday and it looks like the plans that have come out of that retreat are good.

I think the real test will be in the implementing of those plans.

Its good to have the media laws in Zimbabwe changed to make it easier for other players to enter the media arena.

As a result of the current tough media laws, Zimbabwe has actually in the end lagged the other Southern African countries and is possibly the only country now in that region where all radio stations are still government controlled.

I hope these plans will come to fruition and that there wil be co-operation from all the parties involved.

It will also be good to see the likes of CNN and BBC allowed back in the country as soon as possible.

One thing that the new government should know is that relaxing of the media laws will also create employment as the new media players will need people to work for them. Anything that creates employment should be applauded especially in a country where unemployment is estimated to be near 90%.

The only problem with STERP is that it needs money that the coalition government doesn't have. What happens if nobody comes forward with the money?

Its also good to see that the making of a new constitution is finally going to kick off. I think that is one of the most important things that this government will do.

I hope to see a new people driven constitution that puts the people first and where no leader is going to be given sweeping powers to do whatever they want.

Now lets see what happens in the next 100 days and I hope that if they don't achieve everything that they have planned it would be a good start to achieve some of the things.

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