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Points scoring backflip

F1 will now no longer change the scoring in this year's competition after the changes failed to win support from most people in F1 and especially the drivers.

It didn't make much sense to change the rules less than two weeks before the competition started and expect everybody to accept such sudden changes.

I think the problem can be solved by making sure that the winner is given a buffer from second place.

The current two points difference between first and second positions does not make sense and I think that gap must be made bigger to say four or five points.

That way the winner will most probably have won the most races. I don't think it would be good to have a driver have more points and lose the championship because he didn't win enough races.

If a driver consistently picks up points in races then he must be rewarded and if that means the championship then let it be so.

I think these changes need to be thought through to come with a fair set of rules.

Whether the rule was good or bad I don't think you can change a rule 10 days before a competition starts. That doesn't show any respect to the competitors and fans and in the case of F1 teams they are paying so much money to stay in the competition.

Thanks for the comment Stan, yes fundamental things like this must be thought through carefully and not brought about at the last minute.

I agree the problem is in the allocation of points - the winner of a race needs points that distinguish him from the rest. They can allocate points the way its done in Moto GP if they want. The new rule would have meant theoretically that a driver with say just 5 wins and maybe less than 60 points can win the championship assuming the other races were won by five different drivers with the highest getting four wins even though he could have more than 30 points advantage if he was coming second consistently. Thats not the way you want to run a competition like F1. This rule must never see the light of day and must not be brought back in 2010

I also hope that the rule is not brought back in 2010. It will distort a lot of things and when I also think that its the points scoring system that is a problem.

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