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Nadal wins first Australian Open title

Rafael Nadal beat Roger Federer in the Australian Open final to win his first Australian Open title and his sixth grand slam title.

Nadal has now won four French Open titles and one Wimbledon title.

I was looking forward to the match last night after Nadal came through the longest match in Australian Open history when he beat Fernando Verdasco in five sets.

I thought that would give Federer a big edge because he had played on Thursday night in a straight sets win over Andy Roddick but Nadal was not be to pushed over.

I don't think Federer looked as confident as he had done in the semis and I think its because he knew that if he won he would equal Pete Sampras' record of 14 grand slam titles.

Nadal won the first set and Federer came back straight away to win the second.

The third set had to be decided on a tie-break which enabled Nadal to take the lead again. I wonder what would have happened had Federer taken the lead. I think that would have given him more confidence and help reduce the errors that he had in the match. But that can only be speculation.

In the final set Nadal showed his class and he went on to win with a comfortable 6-2. That scoreline from the last set I think hides the fact that the match could easily have gone either way.

So now Nadal currently holds three titles - The French, Wimbledon and now the Australian with Federer hold the US.

I also think that Federer can equal Sampras' record and that could be at this year's Wimbledon or possibly at the US Open.

It would be good if he could then surpass that record at next year's Australian Open.

I think the final was befitting of the quality tennis that we got from Melbourne Park over the last fortnight despite the heat and I am now waiting to see what will happen at the French Open.

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