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MDC to join government

The Zimbabwe Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) has decided to join the unity government following on to the SADC summit held earlier in the week.

This is going to be a very unpredictable path for the MDC and I hope that they have joined knowing that things are not going to be straight forward because Zanu PF will try every trick in the book to make sure that when the next elections are held they will be better placed.

At the same time I think it was a good strategic decision to join because if a mistake was made it was in the signing of the original document way back in September.

Having gone this far and having involved SADC as much as they have done they needed a very good reason not to join.

I think to make sure that the MDC has good relations with the fellow SADC leaders it was a good decision to join now and review after six months.

The other way was not to join and let the country run to the ground but this is also a risky strategy because what happens then is not certain because Zanu PF could call elections on its own terms.

I am not expecting much from this unity government because I have always felt that the problems Zimbabwe currently have are better solved by having one ruling party and not a coalition who may not agree on many fronts.

But by giving this unity government a chance its a relief to SADC who had nothing else to give this time but SADC itself must have learnt some harsh lessons and the organisation needs to be neutral in future cases to maintain whatever credibility it is left with now.

I agree with your assesment. Under the circumstances this was the best way forward. I cannot think of any other alternative. Things will be tough for the two rivals to work together, but this could be the beginning of the revival for Zimbabwe.

Yes, in any other circumstance maybe not a very good move but with the way things are now its worth a try. I am looking forward to six month review and hopefully it will be a real move and not just another Sadc cover up. Also this deal could spur Zanu PF and maybe not Mugabe himself to try and make some positive things for Zimbabwe.

Having wasted so much of Sadc time I think Tsvangirai and the Mdc had no choice but to go with this deal. But I agree it opens a new chapter and a new frontier with its own risks. Lets not forget that either way there were risks and the safer bet I think was to go with deal and that way Amendment 19 can be passed which also comes with some good changes of its own we must remember that.

I think you are right Clifford either way there is a risk but we will see what happens in the next few weeks.

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