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Sadc summit should act

There is yet another Sadc summit on Zimbabwe on Monday and I think this time the Sadc summit should use common sense and make sure there is progress in the formation of the unity government.

I think that the way things are now makes the unity government maybe the better option compared to letting Zanu PF run the country to the ground.

I still think that these Sadc summits can deliver something but they have to be impartial to start with. Ideas like sharing of ministries should be discarded and they should be able to say one party gets defence and another gets home affairs and so and so forth and if they find that hard to say then its a waste of time.

Like I said before on this blog, ministries could be picked one after the other until they are all finished and that will be a fair distribution.

I think the ministries must be shared fairly to start with and no party should get the most powerful or influential ministries and then let the other party get the scraps.

I also think that it makes sense for the issue of governors to be solved now and not later.

The MDC must be careful to make sure that their demands are met now before entering the government otherwise once in government it could end up being a government of squabbling with nothing being done for the people they are supposed to serve.

I think the problem with these summits is that Sadc sees things through opposition and ruling party and tends to lean with the 'ruling party'.

I think they consider Zanu PF to be the ruling party and side with it yet Zanu PF lost the March 2008 elections and should actually be considered the opposition at the moment.

Lets hope the summit resolves the deadlock and pave way for a unity government where all issues are resolved before hand.

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