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Costing cutting measures right direction

I think the F1 costing cutting measures announced the FIA are a move in the right direction.

I think there comes a time when F1 has to decide whether it wants three teams on the grid or ten because if the costs become prohibitive then the other teams will just pull out like what Honda did.

I also think that its a good idea that the one engine for all idea has been thrown out.

We already have A1 racing where there is a one engine for all rule and adopting the same rule for F1 would have been a bad idea.

I also hope that the proposed rule to give medals to the first three drivers will also be thrown away. I don't see how that will benefit the sport especially if those are more likely to be won by just two or three teams and the rest of the teams will have nothing to celebrate.

The current formula of giving points to the top eight races is good because it means that down the grid drivers will still be fighting for the minor places because every point counts.

If the Olympic medal style is introduced then it will mean a driver in sixth will have no incentive to overtake driver in fifth especially when he knows its nearly impossible to reach third position where there would be a bronze medal.

What maybe I would like to see is to see the re-introduction of the rule that awarded the driver who ran the fastest lap a bonus point. That could create a bit of drama and see drivers trying to run the fastest lap.

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