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Summit fails to break deadlock

The SADC regional summit failed to break the Zimbabwe deadlock and it is now reported that another summit comprising of all Sadc states will be convened to try and resolve the stalemate.

I am thinking that whatever government will come out of this will be so unstable that things could be even worse and therefore maybe the best option is to have fresh elections and ditch this agreement way.

I fail to understand why Zanu PF wants both Defence and Home Affairs and then Foreign Affairs and then Information leaving the MDC with the minor ministries.

I also don't understand why something that looks so simple has become so big that every head of state in Sadc must come and try and resolve it.

The question is how will they resolve the bigger problems in the future especially problems with the run down economy when they cannot allocate ministries.

I heard that there was even talk of rotating the minister of Home Affairs. I think that is a non-starter because if you rotate Home Affairs then you should also rotate Defence and what about Information ministry? How far can the rotation go and who will be accountable in the end?

If they want rotation maybe they should have a complete swap of all ministries after one year.

That away every party gets their allocation of ministries and after they swap around all those ministries and after the end of the second year there would be fresh elections.

I don't think this arrangement should be given too much time because its already failing now and what about two years from now.

I think when the full Sadc summit is held it should simply say that there is a need for new free and fair elections monitored by the international community and whoever wins will take all the ministries and that way we have a government chosen by the people of Zimbabwe.

As these talks continue its becoming more and more apparent that this may not be what Zimbabwe needs at this time.

This delay is causing things to get worse than before. Round about this time farmers start preparing for the new rain season with some even planting crops but this year there could be very little of that leading to even more hunger next year.

The introduction of payment using foreign currency has made life even more unbearable for the ordinary people with prices out of reach for most people who do not earn much in US dollar terms.

Unless the full Sadc summit knows of a way of resolving this deadlock it might be a wait for nothing and things once again do not look as good after the highs of September 15.

Its rather unfortunate that the Zimbabweans have to rely on Sadc for this to be resolved. I don't think that Sadc takes this seriously and you can see that two heads of state from Angola and Swaziland chose to send representatives instead of themselves. If they knew how important it was they would have come. How many leaders will come for the full Sadc summit and will they be able to knock sense into Mugabe and tell him that its not about him dishing out portfolios but its sharing?
If they can't do that then forget but I will wait and see.

Thanks for the comment Silas. It should be an easy job for Sadc to tell Mugabe that he is in a power sharing agreement and therefore he cannot allocate himself the portfolios he wants and then the leftovers to the other parties. It would be good for Sadc to get this sorted once and for all and I therefore I hope that all the leaders will come for the meeting and resolve the problem.

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