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Good Red Bull move for Webber

Its good to hear that Mark Webber managed to find a Formula 1 drive for next year at Red Bull. He has had an unforgettable season with Williams so far with retirements being the hallmark of his season and I think he has done well to have the six points he has accumulated so far for a driver who has only finished just four races.

Williams haven't been the team they were last season without the BMW engines but that's all set to change next year with them switching away from the Cosworth engines to Toyota ones. They should be able to bring the best out of the Toyota engines and hopefully become more competitive again.

But for Webber its more or less going back to the team he left when he went to join Williams. He was with Jaguar before but they were then bought by Red Bull.

That move is a hit or miss for Webber . He cant quite seem to join a team at the right time it seems.

You bring an interesting point, Tyndale. He actually he has to perform this time around or else it could be difficult to get another drive after this.
I actually think that he also seems to leave teams at the wrong time!
Well, it was good for him to leave Minardi but now he leaves William when they could be getting a good partnership with Toyota and also he left BAR and soon after they were purchased by Red Bull but good that he now joins them.

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