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World cup friendlies - any pointers

For the last two to three weeks we have seen a number of pre-World Cup friendlies and I wonder whether as a fan I can draw any conclusions from them.
Our own Australian football team, the Socceroos played well last night against the Netherlands especially in the second half where they had good exchanges of their own and even though they where down to 10 men. But that friendly said more of the Dutch team if anything because they had so much possession especially in the first half but had only goal to show for it. Given how tough their World Cup group is they will probably need to take all their chances to get into the second round. But then again it was just a friendly.
Ivory Coast have played so well in their friendlies and did well to beat Slovenia but does that mean they are going to perform well in the actual world cup with the pressure and only three substitutes and not six?
England did well against Jamaica but in a way that was expected with Jamaica having lost earlier in the week to world cup debutants Ghana who have also done well in their friendlies.
But the likes of Angola and to some extent Poland would possibly like to quickly forget about the results from the friendlies and hope for better fortune in the tournament itself.
Are these friendlies just practice games that we dont have to read too much from them? Or are they real pointers to what is going to happen in Germany over the next month? I wonder.
For us Socceroos fans, expectation couldn't be higher.

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