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Interesting choice from SBS

SBS began their coverage of Euro 2008 with the opening ceremony followed by the match between Switzerland and the Czech Republic which I thought was very good.

But SBS have access to the show 8 games live with Setanta showing everything in Australia and what I have found interesting is that they are going to show live the match between Spain and Russia.

With just eight matches I actually don't see the importance of that match and also its an opening match and therefore both teams can afford to lose it and still qualify for the quarter finals provided they win their last two matches and other results go their way.

I know Russia are now coached by former Socceroos coach Guus Hiddink and maybe that was a factor but I still don't see the need for showing opening matches when there are only eight matches in total to be shown.

Another thing is that this match is a 2 am AEST kick off on a Wednesday morning which makes it harder to watch especially if you have to go to work the following morning. The 4.45 am matches are far much easier to cope with as that is the time that Champions League matches also start.

But its good to see that SBS will screen live the Group C match between between the Netherlands and France. For me thats an appetizing tie and it also kicks off at 445 am on a weekend.

That is going to be the third match and so not including the final there will be four matches left. It now means that for some of the quarter-finals match or even semi-finals we would have to resort to the the daily highlights. That looks to me like a poor diet of Euro 2008.

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