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Stability at Villa Park essential

As a Baggies fan you would wonder why I would be concerned by the goings-on at Villa Park but the truth is that I am a bit concerned. Itís not for Aston Villa per se but for football in the Midlands. Aston Villa are going into the new premiership season as prime relegation candidates unless something dramatic happens to change that view.

At the moment Aston Villa is the only midlands club left in the premiership and should they go down and if none of West Brom, Blues, Leicester, Derby, Wolves, Coventry get promoted then there would no midlands club left in the premiership next season and this is what concerns me. Its good for the Midlands to have at least one club in the premiership and for many years that club has been Villa. Not so long ago there was Derby, Coventry and Leicester all in the top flight but this has since changed.

I can only imagine what problems led to David O'Leary's resignation but whether Doug Ellis sells the club or not at the end of the day most fans would expect a competitive Villa team. I hope they are going to retain captain Gareth Barry because he is an important player for Villa and then bring in some new players but the real truth is that time is slowly running out and the ship has to be steadied and now.

Personally I think getting Martin O'Neill would be a real coup for Villa because he is a proven coach who can sustain a team in the premiership. But for now I can wait and see.

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