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Kovalainen replaces Alonso

In the end it looks like a swap as Heikki Kovalainen has now replaced Fernando Alonso at McLaren starting from the 2008 season.

Kovalainen will now partner Lewis Hamilton and so McLaren have now ended with two drivers without much experience in F1 but with lots of potential. I hope its a combination that will be successful after the near success in the just ended season when Hamilton just missed out on the title.

It still remains to be seen however whether Hamilton can repeat his exploits of his debut season but I think that with one year experience under his belt he should do better than the 2007 season.

On the other hand Kovalainen finished with 30 points at Renault and he helped Renault secure third place in the constructors championship and I think with a faster car at McLaren he should be able to better those 30 points.

Its also good to see that the F1 spying row has now come to an end insofar as the FIA and the 2008 season is concerned and that should set the scene to what on paper looks likely to be a very competitive season if Renault can improve and BMW Sauber just go a step up and challenge for podium places.

mbareboy good thing to note is that Heikki has been promised equal treatment, it remains to be seen whether they will be allowed to race each other on the track, history tells us team instructions always interfere with races, McLaren or Ferrari

I think after last season's problems McLaren had to promise who ever came into the team equal treatment and I hope they will stick to that. I think teams tend to favour whoever is in a better position to win after the first few races but I think that was one of the problems for McLaren last season with both drivers doing so well and almost equal for most of the season points wise.

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