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Murali overtakes Warne

Sri Lanka's Muttiah Muralitharan today overtook Shane Warne's haul of 708 wickets when he took two wickets on third day of the first Test series against England being played in Kandy.

On the second day Murali managed to equal Warne's record when he took the four wickets he needed to reach that figure but on the third day he created his own record when he took the wicket of Paul Collingwood.

I think it was good that he broke the record in his own hometown of Kandy because that gave his home supporters a chance to celebrate with him that milestone. Before the series against Australia there was a suggestion that he could break the record on Australian soil but that never happened as he only managed to take just four wickets in the whole series when he needed nine.

I think Murali is capable of reaching between 800 and 900 wickets but I am not sure about the 1,000 wickets he talks about. In England's first innings he managed to take six wickets and that is the reason why he is able to take so many wickets and it will not be surprising to see him take more than ten wickets in this first Test alone. That I think is what helps him get the numbers up so quickly.

For the next few years I will wait and see where he will leave the mark at and at the moment there seems to be nobody challenging him for that record but for now congratulations Murali!

........yeah, congratulations Murali. The guy is naturally talented, and chucking allegations have come from Australia only which makes it all suspicious. Out of all the test cricket nations only Australia makes noises about him. The umpires who reported him are Australian, and he was tested and cleared in Australia, and he has been cleared several times which makes the whole issue a farce. I will forgive them because naturally you stick out for your own, but if done unfairly it stinks big time. I hope its not an issue of complexes.

My take on the chucking allegations is that the ICC make the rules and have approved his actions and are therefore valid and there is no argument because he is bowling by the rules and he is doing well in that regard. Given the rate at which he takes the wickets he will stretch this record very far I think.

Congratulations to Murali and I have no doubt he will reach a 1000 wickets. He is 287 wickets away and within 40 Test matches he should reach that target. I don't see why not.

So Danny that makes it an average of about 7 wickets per Test match and yeah that could be possible.

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