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Change of guard

The weekend Federal elections saw the Labor win and Kevin Rudd elected and has Labor has won the federal elections for the first time in 14 years.

I am not going dwell so much on that but what has happened in the aftermath especially on the Liberal side has been very interesting. I was surprised to see that Peter Costello was not going to contest to take leadership of the Liberals from outgoing Prime Minister John Howard.

Of the people who have up their hands and they say they will contest I think Malcolm Turnbull will have a good chance compared to the two other contestants Brendan Nelson and Tony Abbott.

Turnbull already agrees with the idea of ratifying the Kyoto Protocol which is good and backs the Labor Government's moves to say "sorry" to Indigenous Australians as reported here.

The nationals are also looking for a leader Mark Vaile announced that he will step down from his post the Nationals' dismall showing at the elections. Instead of a coalition I think its time the coalition just combines and form one party.

I feel sorry for John Howard that he stayed one year too long......he should have retired last year and given the mantle to Costello.

The Liberals were going to lose anywhere, Howard or no Howard, but for Howard that could have give him a dignified exit. Its unfortunate that Costello was presented as part of a team during the campaign which meant that the defeat was for the team.

The Liberals didn't respond quite well to the expectations of the battlers...while the economy is in good shape the majority lot is missing out and thats where the problem is. There is something amiss with the distribution system in terms of wealth, or the sub-indexing of wages.

While the policy of the Coalition was to relieve wage pressure and costs of production, there is no way the industry here can compete with economies like China on labour costs. The economies of scale lie elsewhere. I don't subscribe to the notion of budget surplus for the sake of is the quality of the surplus, what help is a surplus when nothing is done to infrastructure to support production, inadequate social services, and how you use the excess cash is critical, not the shortermism policy of dishing out dollars than capital investment to support future growth.

You fail to read the mood of the electorate, you pay the price. Australia has a huge migrant population and that can not be ignored as Howard found out in his constituency.

Thanks for some very good thoughts. I think Howard knew how bad the situation was but then I think he thought that the coalition had their best chance of re-election with him instead of somebody else who at that time was most likely to be Costello. I actually think he should have stepped down soon after winning the last election.

I also think they under-estimated the Industrial Relations issue because a lot of people were not happy with his changes and further to that his economy argument just lost punch with interest rates rising before the election.

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