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Alonso, McLaren part ways

Two time world driver's champion Fernando Alonso has left McLaren after just one season full of drama.

To me this is not very surprising because I just felt Alonso and Lewis Hamilton couldn't be in the same team for another F1 season and its good that Alonso and McLaren have decided to go their separate ways.

At the end of the 2006 season it looked like it was a perfect match when McLaren announced that rookie Hamilton was going to partner Alonso. At the time it looked like a perfect match because here was the current world champion partnering with a rookie with 'all to learn' but Hamilton then proved he was more than just a rookie.

As the season continued it looked more and more like Hamilton could challenge for the title in his own right and I think thats where the problems started and provided some drama to make the just ended season one of the most entertaining both on the track and off it.

Now the question is where will Alonso go? By all accounts he would have gone to Ferrari but Ferrari has their full complement of drivers for next season and so maybe he will go back to Renault.

There is also the question of who will join Hamilton at McLaren but I think once Alonso finds a new team there will be a chain reaction leading to movement by other drivers. It looks like everybody was waiting to see what was going to happen with the McLaren drivers before making any moves.

Looking forward to the 2008 season, it should be interesting to see Alonso and Hamilton fighting it out from two different teams and I think there is more drama coming but at least this time it will mostly be on the track which is good.

I think McLaren should have done all it could to keep Alonso at least for one more year. He is a very good driver and McLaren needs such a driver in order to win the driver's championship. Lewis might have been great this year but who knows if he can repeat that same performance next year.
Next year will be a test for Lewis. He has to prove that he is able to work alongside other drivers and show that the spat with Alonso is a one-off.

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