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Asian Cup nightmare for Socceroos

The Asian Cup nightmare continued for the Socceroos when they were outclassed by Iraq in a Group A match played at the Rajamangala National Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand.

After watching the poor performance against Oman earlier in the week, it wasn't very surprising to see the Socceroos lose to Iraq but it was the manner of the loss that was quite surprising.

The team literally gave up especially after Iraq scored the second goal and maybe it was because the team thought they would not be challenged at this tournament and let alone be trailing for the second time in a match.

I thought that Mark Viduka's goal came at a very good time, minutes into the second half and that gave the Socceroos plenty of time to score a second goal and possibly win the match but that never happened despite having the bulk of possession early in the second half.

It looks like the Socceroos never really prepared for this tournament. They finished with three recognised strikers but lack of inventive play meant that you just couldn't see the difference. A lot of balls into the box were wasted apart from the one that lead to Viduka's goal.

The other problem is defence. Iraq easily created chances for themselves and could easily have scored half a dozen goals because the immobile Socceroos defence allowed them to do so.

Then came the frustration. The frustration in the players could easily be seen by the number of yellow cards dished out to the Socceroos. The Socceroos got themselves five yellow cards including two given to Lucas Neill which means he will miss Monday's encounter against Thailand. Whether he will be missed after his performances so far is open to debate.

Despite the loss, the Socceroos can still qualify for the quarters if they manage to beat Thailand. Thailand are going to be very hard to beat being the host team and very much accustomed to the conditions and not only that they have been playing very well so far especially in their win against Oman.

Wes, I cannot blame Arnold for this defeat but I will place the blame squarely on the players. Its not Arnold's job to teach these professionals how to pass the ball, its not Arnold's job to teach these players how to run for the ball, its not Arnold's job to teach these players how to shoot on target and the list goes on.The players must take some responsibilities, after all they are playing for Australia.

Arnold put the team that I thought was balanced enough and Cahill on the bench in the first half I thought was great because he is coming off a long injury lay-off. When the team was searching for a result, he brought in two strikers in Aloisi and Thompson and that was what was needed. But Arnold is only limited to three substitutes and the other nine players including Kewell and Bresciano should have made the difference but they didn't. Neill's contribution was a second yellow card and there you go.

After Oman I thought it could not get any worse but surprise surprise it did but I think its possible to beat Thailand and reach the quarter finals but if we finish second in the group that could prove to be difficult because right now it looks like Japan will top group B and that will not be easy.

At least you are looking at the quarter-finals Nick, I am just looking forward to the next match against Thailand. When I first looked at the fixtures when they came out I thought that match was going to non-event because the Socceroos would have had six points already by then and how wrong I was. Its a crucial match and I hope the players will turn up with a bit of enthusiasm because as you say the coach can only do so much.

Zarrick Brand
I can not believe it. An Australian team who has lost it balls. Us Aussies usually have the biggest heart when it comes to sport. May I just remind the Socceroos that they made it to the World Cup and almost beat the World Cup winners (Italy). I donīt remember seeing Iraq, Oman or Thailand in the World Cup because they where not good enough, but we were. So Socceroos, pull your finger out and kick Thailand behind (4:0) at least.

Yes, Zarrick, I also hope that the Socceroos not only win but win convincingly against Thailand.

Zarrick you should be happy it was actually 4:0!

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