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Raikkonen revival continues

Ferrari's Kimi Raikonnen won the British Grand prix after coming from second place on the grid and the pole setter Lewis Hamilton recorded a record ninth consecutive podium finish in third place.

I think the record run of podium finishes could have finished here had Ferrari's Felipe Massa not started from the pits. Massa had a very good race and at one time was the fastest driver on the track but traffic made sure he could only finish fifth behind BMW Sauber's Robert Kubica.

I think Hamilton should be grateful that Massa started the race from the pits and not from fourth place on the grid otherwise he would have finished at least behind him because Massa had a faster car.

Hamilton's lead has now been reduced to 12 but its still a healthy lead and as long as he manages to finish races at least in the top four places the lead could eventually bring him a world championship. But its still early days and one or two break-downs can wreck the whole plan.

Fernando Alonso had a good race and got a deserved second place. He must be relieved after some time finishing behind Hamilton, now he has managed to finish in front of his team-mate.

Its interesting to see that the this time the top eight positions were filled by the top four teams with Renault coming fourth best taking positions 7 and 8.

The other BMW Sauber driver finished Nicky Heidfield finished sixth and thus making sure that both drivers contributed to the constructors points for the team.

Mark Webber must be frustrated at being the first driver to retire in this race after suffering hydraulics problems. After successfully finishing the last three races which included him scoring his first points for the season, retirements came back to haunt him again and I hope its just a blip.

Its a question of time before Hamilton gets off that podium. He didn't have a good race on Sunday on a circuit I thought he was the most familiar with.

Isn't it interesting Andy that Hamilton won in the two North American circuits which he wasn't familiar with but I just think that this time the Ferraris were just faster and Alonso's strategy worked for him well.

The Ferrari's are a lot faster now and McLaren have got serious competition now...I also think that when it comes to pit strategies, Ferrari are more polished than McLaren...

While Hamilton was slower, the pit strategies didn't help his cause either...and this has happened twice to him before....and now that Alonso has openly declared his hatred for Hamilton (how can a teammate say that he is happy to see the other do badly), should be interesting in the next races...

I think its expected that Hamilton after pushing himself to the limit in all his races so far, some burnout will creep in and the pressure to keep performing as per the benchmark he has set is stressful in itself, and add to that a teammate who is not cooperative......I think Alonso is disgraceful by pouring it out in the media, if he feels threatened by the youngster why not show some bit of maturity.......

I was actually surprised by Alonso's outburst because at the end of the day Hamilton is his team-mate. But I agree with him when he said Hamilton would finished behind Massa had Massa not had a problem at the start.

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