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Night racing for Singapore

This week it was announced on the official F1 website that Singapore had been added to the F1 calendar for 2008 and the race is proposed to be a night one.

I am not a fan of night racing at all because at the heart of it is pleasing fans in some far away place and ignoring the locals especially those who live close to the circuit and there is also the big issue of safety of both the fans and the drivers.

How safe night racing will be nobody really knows as this will be the first time that a F1 race has been held at night. One also has to think about what happens if it rains at night and especially with the kind of heavy downpours experienced in areas like Singapore. I think that is likely to pose some serious problems.

I also fear that should the night race be successful, pressure will be put on both Melbourne and Malaysia to switch their races to night time. In a previous post, I argued that this wasn't for the good of locals and I still think so.

In another F1 development it was announced that Valencia might host a F1 race next year called the European Grand prix. What baffles me is not the announcement itself but the fact it looks like there was an announcement sometime last year that no country would host more than one race. This race would give Spain two races and I wonder whether that policy has now been shelved aside.

I think there is too much greediness in the management of F1, ...just look at the congestion that is happening, and there is talk of South Korea joining in two years time, and other countries like South Africa want a piece of the action ...I wonder how the smaller budget teams will cope.

I think you are right about the greediness. That is why there seems to be so much policy shift, one day its one race per country and then the next a race for Valencia. Two races for Spain possibly because F1 has become so popular there because of Alonso being two time world champion. There were huge crowds in Barcelona and I guess there would be even more in Valencia.

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