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Title beckons for Man Utd

Looking at the English Premier League table and the remaining fixtures there is no denying the fact that Manchester United now have one hand on the title. I think they now have the title to lose and its up to them to keep on the winning streak and come May they will be declared champions once again.

Of the remaining fixtures up to last weekend, I thought the match against Liverpool was the match United were likely to lose but after winning one nil at Anfield, the only other tough match would be the one at Stamford Bridge against Chelsea. Even if United were to lose that match they would still be three points ahead assuming both would have won their matches up to that stage.

Chelsea on the other hand have got Arsenal away in their remaining fixtures. The Gunners are still to lose at the Emirates Stadium and its hard to see a Chelsea win especially when Chelsea only managed to narrowly beat a youthful Arsenal side in the Carling Cup final.

Going to the other end of the table, relegation looms large for West Ham and with the other teams around them picking up points here and there, they may soon find themselves in a difficult position.

Alan Curbishley hasn't really turned things around as expected and the January signings seem to have added nothing to the team so far and so they have to start winning matches starting with the local derby against Tottenham Spurs.

Its a bit premature to be talking about the title at the moment. A few injuries here and suspensions there could affect Man U although at the moment they have a healthy lead. Also Man U has been very lucky in its last two matches against Liverpool and Fulham getting results where they barely deserved a draw.

I think Man U have got it...they always win even when they are playing crap...don't know whether its experience, I don't want to talk about the decisions that always go their way. They are very lucky indeed - Mourinho is right for once.

Arsenal, its the last ball that lets them down, they do everything right, ball movement, possession and depending on whether they can be consistent, they can end up putting pressure on Chelsea, mathematically

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