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Yet another Australian win

Being Australia Day, there were a lot of things happening including Australia Day celebrations, citizenship ceremonies, fun and games but also yet another one-day international between Australia and England.

For me, I was hoping for a few things to happen. One, that England would win the toss and then two that England would then elect to bat. So both things happened which was very good. Failing that then, Australia winning the toss and then electing to bowl.

England batting first would mean that the match would be far shorter especially when looking at previous matches between the two teams. That would mean less than 50 overs for the first innings and in total at least less than 80. Such as has been the state of this Commonwealth Bank International triangular series that those wanting a dose of a good game of summer cricket have now turned to state cricket and haven't been disappointed.

England won the toss and started brightly. Ian Bell was the best of the batsmen and scored 35 runs including a six that was maybe in my opinion the highlight of the whole innings. The moment he left bowled by Stuart Clark, it seemed everybody wanted to follow him back to the pavilion and after 34 overs and 110 runs England were all out.

Australia's innings were quick and the target was reached in just after 24 overs with the loss of one wicket. So in total we had 58 overs, not exactly Twenty20 but nearly.

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