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Baffled by Martyn

A day later I am still baffled by Damien Martyn's decision to retire from all forms of cricket with immediate effect.

Just three or four weeks ago I watched Martyn in a television interview saying how much he was looking forward to the most anticipated Ashes series in Australia and then suddenly he now lacks the motivation. Talk about how quickly time moves.

But having said I respect his decision and I think he has made the right decision for himself and I wish him all the best in the future.

One would have thought retiring after the end of the Test series would have better but unless there is something else I think he thought retiring after the amazing Adelaide test win was even better.

Wes, retiring suddenly seems to be the order of the day these days. South African spinner Nicky Boje has also suddenly retired just before the first test match against India.

Wes, I have a feeling Marto was 'pushed' into retirement. He was an unsung hero of the Aussie cricket team.

Best of luck to him, I hope Cricket Australia do the honourable thing and pay him out his contract.

Coincidence or something more...

Thorpe retires, then Martyn retires. Given Martyn is married, but stranger things have happened.

Thought I'd throw this into the mix.

Thanks Nash, before I saw your comment I didn't know that Boje has also retired. What's amazing is the sudden sort of retirement, like Boje just two days away from the start of a Test series.
I just think there must be something else to this and maybe we will know with time.
Dave, I think the CA will do the right thing and give him what is due to him, after all he has served Australia for so long.
Simmo, interesting point!

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