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Liverpool face Arsenal test

The most outstanding fixture to come out of the FA Cup draw this morning is without doubt the fixture between Liverpool and Arsenal.

With an indifferent form in the league for both teams, I think both teams would have loved a 'favourable' draw but as the case now stands unfortunately one of them will not be going into the next round.

I think its too far out at the moment (match to be played 6/7 January 2007) to predict who the winner is likely to be but having home advantage to me makes Liverpool the favourites. They are also current holders and that should add an extra dimension to Liverpool as they will be defending the Cup.

My team West Brom play Leeds at home and although I am not very confident with the team at the moment its a winnable match. Leeds currently like in the relegation zone of the Championship league but they have gained some ground since Dennis Wise took over.

Manchester United have been drawn to meet Aston Villa at Old Trafford but its interesting to see that the two teams meet again at Old Trafford the following weekend in the league. By the time they meet in league the following weekend the two teams should be very familiar of each other I suppose.

Greetings -- I see you are quite the sport fan. Cricket, football and tennis! I would like to invite you to publish some articles.

As a one eyed Arsenal supporter I predict a win by Arsenal 2-1.

However I am a bit concerned about the apparent rift between Wenger and Thierry Henry. It is just something the team doesn't need at this time.

Not only are they playing well below there true level, the added instability of friction between these two stalwarts of the club can only have a detrimental effect on the rest of the team.

Lets hope it is just a media beat-up, but most times even if it is a media beat-up, there is sometimes a fair element of truth in the rumours.

In the end you were not way off the mark Dave with your prediction as Arsenal beat Liverpool 3-1. Its a result that I did not expect myself especially at Anfield but the 6-3 Carling Cup win was even better.

I hope you are not wishing you would play Liverpool every week!

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