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The NCA should lead by example

Its sad to see that the National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) of Zimbabwe has fallen for the trap of changing the constitution in order to extend the number of terms for the existing leader, in this case Dr. Lovemore Madhuku.
I should say that Madhuku has done a very good job working in very difficult circumstances where the political terrain is unpredictable and rough but surely the baton should be now left to somebody else even if its just to show a principle that two terms set at the beginning is still two terms at the end and one moves on in life.
I have followed the NCA campaigns and demonstrations over the years and I have a lot of respect for the organisation but to change the constitution to allow three terms for the chairman is just scoring an own goal. You would expect groups like the NCA that campaign for democracy to refrain from going along that path just to set an example. You get the same recycled reasons 'the people like me to stay' that we have heard again and again when this has happened before in Africa but its now time that those leaders stand up and say 'yes you like me but let me give somebody else a chance'.
I can understand why there is a temptation to stay on for founding leaders. They think its an unfinished job and they would like to continue and do this and that but thatís simply not on because somebody else may even bring better ideas but the thing is we will never know because that somebody else never gets the chance.

There is a saying that "Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely". Unfortunately this seems to be the case with Dr. Madhuku. I personally respect Dr. Madhuku for his fearless campaigns, however he should have led by example on this occasion. He could still participate in NCA activities effectively without being the Leader. That is Africa for you!

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