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Espn Australia drops La Liga

The Spanish Primera league enters its sixth round and by now everyone who had followed the league on Espn knows that it's no longer televised on that channel.

They have also dropped coverage of the Uefa Europa League which means the only footbal coverage they have now is the Major League Soccer and also the FA Cup.

For some people it could be time for to go through the players rewards card information as the live football coverage decreases.

I was surprised to see that Setanta Sports did not pick up La Liga coverage despite losing the FA Cup to Espn. It looks like they preferred the English Championship to La Liga.

I can understand why Espn dropped their La Liga coverage because I think most people want to watch Barcelona and Real Madrid and the matches involving other teams may not be of much interest to most people especially if there is Premier League on Foxtel.

Unlike the English Premiership where almost every match is interesting to watch, I don't think the same can be said of La Liga.

I also think the league should reduce the amount of money they charge for the rights especially if the majority of the matches are played in the early hours of the morning and most people can only record if they are interested.

It benefits the league in terms of awareness and marketing if they lower the price of the rights and have some coverage in this region rather than have no coverage at all.

I wonder what will happen for the El Clasico. SBS covered both legs of the Super Copa which Real Madrid won and maybe they may try and get rights for that one big match.

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