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Schumacher on top heading to Japan

Who would have guessed that it would be all square points wise going into the Japanese F1 Grand Prix and I can't wait to see what will happen in a week's time. Michael Schumacher leads championship by virtue of having one more win than Fernando Alonso.

After qualifying yesterday I just thought Alonso had the race in the bag and on checking the race weather forecast an hour before the race I just thought it was all in Alonso's favour but the drama in the race itself was the key.

This time there were no penalty points to argue about for the top two drivers and all was going to be decided in the race. I think the Renault team must be wondering how they could have made mistakes at such at an crucial part of the season. Renault are now one point ahead in the constructors championship and I still think they are going to win that part of the championship but for the drivers'its becoming even more difficult to predict.

The result today means that the championship race will now go all the way to the last race which is good for the Brazilians fans. The tight race is also good for the Japanese fans who before have endured races when the championship has already been decided.

Hi there! For a moment I’m creating a blog about Subaru and people for whom Subaru is much more than just a car. Subarumania exists in many countries and in every country this mania has its peculiarities. My goal is to collect as much as possible information about subarumaniacs throughout the world. This site is NOT commercial.
Mail to Alex ( ) if you have any information about people who have such passion for Subaru. Any information will be very much appreciated. And welcome to my site!

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