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Bye Fox Footy, welcome Fox Sports 3

Early tomorrow morning the Fox Footy channel will be axed after 5 years on air and also tomorrow sees the launch of Fox Sports 3 another general sports channel to add to Fox Sports 1 and Fox Sports 2. I will miss the Fox Footy channel for its live coverage of Saturday and Sunday AFL matches and then the repeats during the week. Having said that I never understood why it continued to run during the AFL off-season.

The Fox Sports 3 is a welcome addition and will mean that Foxtel will be able to show many live games at the same time. This will also mean that from now the English championship matches will be shown live rather than delayed as has been the case so far save for one or two matches.

With the AFL season finishing today with the AFL Grand Final the Fox Footy channel will sorely be missed for real when the AFL pre-season tournament begins next year and suddenly there is no place where you can catch up with any missed matches at any time.

The first local sport or match to be shown live on Fox Sports 3 will be the A-League top of the table encounter between Melbourne Victory and Queensland Roar.

Hamish Alcorn
The problem in Round 6 (well, from the Melbourne vs Roar game onward) for someone like myself who doesn't have Fox in my home, is that the pubs just didn't know what was going on. I vent my spleen on my own site, but will have to update my thoughts as I do some more research. At least some of my assumptions were wrong.

It did seem crazy on Sunday. The two Brisbane vs Melbourne games were perfectly adjacent. There were several people at the pub wanting to watch first the football then the rugby. How ideal a situation for cross-promotion can you get? Cross-promotion of the sports, maybe, but I mean just of the pubs, or Fox or whatever. Not only was there no promotion, the pubs were not even briefed on what to do. Yesterday I tried five seperate pubs and they still didn't know what Fox 3 was.

It's a problem if we are concerned for the future of the A-League audience. Especially as the rugby and AFL has just finished, this was/is exactly the moment to garner the football audience. By moving to Fox 3 all of a sudden the opposite occurred. Conspiracy? No, I suspect a stuff up.

Well done Melbourne and Sydney by the way. I was backing Brisbane and Adelaide, but they were beaten soundly and deservedly.


Hamish, for home users, Fox Sports 3 appeared on the program listing like any other channel on Sunday morning. There could be a difference between the Foxtel in the pubs and the one in the homes. I hope they will have the situation resolved in time for Friday's match.

In the Adelaide/Sydney match it looks like Adelaide missed suspended Shengqing Qu and injured Fernando too much but the day surely belonged to Benito Carbone. I only watched the second half and I thought he played well and it looks like Sydney after the departure of Yorke needed a playmaker and in Carbone I think they have made a good find. But lets not forget that this is just one game, so lets wait and see if he can repeat the performance this coming round against Queensland Roar.

Hamish Alcorn
"Let's wait and see if he can repeat the performance this coming round against Queensland Roar."

Indeed! I must admit I was feeling a bit cocky, on behalf of Roar, facing Sydney, but after hearing about this Carbone bloke, and an apparent regrouping of Butcher's troops in general, I'm worried.

Should be a good game. I will be doing my research on pubs with Fox 3 in the next couple of days, rather than waiting for Sunday afternoon.

What I'm really excited about though, is Suncorp stadium on Saturday night. I don't even care who wins. I'm just expecting and hoping for some damn good football.

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