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MDC disengages from Zanu PF

Zimbabwe's Movement for Democratic Change(MDC) has disengaged from Zanu PF after the arrest of Senator Roy Bennett.

I think that this was the right decision to take especially given the way Zanu PF continues to go on ahead as if MDC does not exist.

MDC won the last elections and should therefore be ruling Zimbabwe right now on its own right and the coalition actually benefits Zanu PF who lost the elections.

Now if you look at it you would think that it is Zanu PF who won the election.

I think the MDC needs to be respected as an equal partner in this unity government arrangement which was arranged by SADC more to please Robert Mugabe than anybody else.

This idea that people are arrested and then harassed then later on released with no charges should stop. It has happened again and again and people are put under stress for no apparent reason.

In the case of Bennett why can't he be tried quickly and if the courts find him guilty then let it be so and if he is innocent then he take his position as Deputy Minister.

I think the idea is to make sure that this takes as long as possible to frustrate the MDC but this trick has been played before and does not surprise anybody.

Also the idea of treating MDC Deputy Ministers like they don't exist should stop. Its sad to read that Jameson Timba saying he knows what happens in his own ministry through reading the newspaper like everybody else and yet he is the deputy minister.

I like it when Vice President Arthur Mutambara says that 'Mugabe must remember that he is President because of the Global Political Agreement.' Without it he would be leading just his party and nothing else.

I hope that this latest move by the MDC will move SADC into action. This transitional arrangement must not be allowed to last a long time because Zimbabweans deserve to choose their own government and not go with this SADC arrangement.

All along I knew this arrangement was very unstable and wasn't going to last very long. Its also a lesson for organisations like Sadc and the AU who advocate these kind of solutions instead of letting winners take control or better still rerun the election in free and fair conditions. My worry though is that Zimbabwe desperately needs the progress that has been taking place over the last few months and cannot afford going back again. Mugabe wouldn't care less as long as he lives in State House whichever direction the country takes.

Thanks Toby, now MDC has announced that it will engage Zanu PF again and lets there will be some developments esp. in the key areas like media reform and harassing of people will come to an end.

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