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Talks continue at Sadc summit

The Zimbabwe talks between Robert Mugabe and Morgan Tsvangirai will continue at the Sadc two day summit in Johannesburg.

I haven't read a report that suggests the leader of the smaller MDC faction Arthur Mutambara is there at the summit and so I am wondering whether he will take no part in this phase of the talks or is it just that the media hasn't really mentioned his name.

I think Tsvangira is right to demand real power because that will make him accountable for whatever happens in that new setup. Also that will enable the much needed international funding to come through to the new administration.

However, if he is not given real power and is part of the government then he will be blamed for everything and he will be worse off and its better to stay out of it altogether.

I think Mugabe has ruled for a very long time and should not be clamouring for much more power because I don't think he has nothing new to offer and therefore it is better to transfer the day to day running of the country to Tsvangirai.

I also thought that Zanu PF could take advantage of these talks and have their successor strategically placed because all I read is about Mugabe who is 84 and not getting any younger.

I think this is the reason why Zanu PF are said to be keen for a five year transitional government because that will give them time to sort out the succession issue. I cannot see them offering an 89 year old candidate in 2013.

I hope the Sadc talks will move towards positive territory and I hope the other leaders will see that Tsvangirai's demands are realistic and should be honoured and put the necessary pressure on Mugabe.

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Actually Mutambara was at the Sadc summit, his name wasn't mentioned to same extent as Mugabe and Tsvangirai's but he certainly was there.

What I don't understand is why Makoni is also not involved when he got a good percentage of votes compared to Mutambara whose only claim are his party's seats but he himself was trounced big time in his constituency.

Thanks Julius, I later realized that he was there at the summit. Maybe with him agreeing so much with Mugabe, there was no need to mention him too much.

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