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Zimbabwe talks in second day

The Zimbabwe talks between the three leaders of the three main political parties and chaired by South African President Thabo Mbeki have now gone into the second day.

The second day is actually a Heroes Day public holiday which is a day when Zimbabweans honour the men and women who died in the liberation war.

I think its getting clearer that it looks like what will emerge will be a government of national unity of some sort and it is the detail that a lot of people will be concerned about.

Firstly, I think that the new government should be in charge for a very short time preferably less than two years with a mandate to change the constitution and organise fresh elections which should be free and fair. If all that could be done in less than one year that could be even better but I think you need more time to come up with good results.

It will effectively be a transitional government that will restore justice and peace to Zimbabweans and restore freedom of speech and movement.

However, if the talks fail that could be a different scenario altogether. It will mean that things will get worse in Zimbabwe especially economically and I can't imagine what kind of scenario that will be.

But I hope the talks will not fail but I also hope that Morgan Tsvangirai will not give in to anything just to make the talks successful.

I think its better for the MDC to be in government at least to make sure that the next elections will be free and fair. To me thats the key because I think the MDC will win any election that's free and fair but if its not then thats a different kettle of fish altogether.

I will now wait to see what the second day of talks will yield.

I think in essence these talks are all about accommodating Zanu PF when they are not supposed to be anywhere near government after losing the March elections.

The June elections were flawed in my opinion should and not be talked about anyway.

What Mbeki is trying to do here is to get Zanu into government when its supposed to be the opposition now.

MDC should refuse anything that does not give them true power because they are supposed to be running the country right now.

Jck, the talks have been adjourned now and I am now beginning to wonder where they are leading to now. I also hope that Tsvangirai will stand his ground and accept an agreement that gives him real power than be made a Zanu minister.

Yes i agree with you that Tsvangirai should not agree for the sake of agreeing.i hope the best will come out of the Jo'burg talks, where we are told the talks will continue.

Tsvangson has become really cunning for Mugabe as he is no longer making calls locally because all his lines are bugged, but has managed to get in touch with the outside world without Mugabe knowing.

I am beginning not to trust the professor, it seems he just want to get into government for the sake of being in Government. He really knows that he does not represent anyone and he is also not liked in MATABELELAND either.

At the same time if these talks fail then we are going to see a new power in the form of Simba Makoni emerging.The fact that he is level headed and also has got contacts world wide and is good for business, i think this will favour him very much.

From what I gathered this is the route most business people and other politicians in Zanu (PF)prefer in the event of a deadlock.

If the talks continue in Joburg that could be good then but I think what is needed now is for Mbeki to update the people of Zimbabwe where the talks are and what's really happening.

I think a lot of people anxious to know exactly whats happening and what the sticking points are because this affects their present and their future.

Its good that the other members of Mutambara's faction have now come out and said that they do not like a deal between him and Mugabe and I hope he realizes that he doesn't have broad support and his election result in March effectively points to that fact.

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